Gold Award for Oriel Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt

Awards Oriel

The only non-oxidised mineral salt on the planet. A powerful tasting sea salt that has a uniquely smooth taste profile coupled with its natural fine grain makes this the perfect ingredient sea salt for all you chefs, food lovers and anyone who loves to cook.

Oriel Sea Salt, Award Winner

Oriel Sea Salt's contract with nature includes an organic certified, sustainable harvesting process bringing nature’s purity to you. They are Organic Trust, PDO Origin Green approved as well as Euro-Toques and Good Food Ireland members.

Now on top of being Great Taste Gold Star and Blas Na hEireann winners, Oriel have just today won "Food Product of the Show" at the Meat 2 Trade Food Expo.

Oriel Sea Salt is located at Port Oriel only metres from the sea-shore in the picturesque village of Clogherhead seven miles east of Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland.

You can buy it right here :-)

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