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Scotch BBQ Smoked Beef Jerky

Scotch BBQ Smoked Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

We love beef jerky here at Great Northern Larder. It is tasty and healthy and makes a great snack on long hikes or car journeys. Use good beef and your favourite beer (or try soy sauce or teriyaki). Beef jerky will last a few weeks in the fridge.


Round beef, flank steak, or any lean cut of beef. For jerky, you want to avoid marbling as fat will go rancid.

Scotch BBQ Sauce

A bottle of beer

Salt and pepper


Cut the beef into thin strips - make sure you cut against the grain for the best texture.

Marinate the beef overnight in salt, beer, and a bottle of Scotch BBQ

Preheat your smoker, bbq, or oven to its lowest heat setting ("smoke" for a smoker, about 50C for an oven).

Pepper the jerky generously

Smoke or cook on low heat for about 5 hours.

When the jerky is ready it should be dry but not too tough.

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