• Slemish Market Supper Club

    Laura and Ruairi attended the Slemish Market Summer Club on Rathlin Island in October 2019. Read all about 14 courses of local food and get some ideas on how to use seaweed and fresh Irish fish.
  • The Pigeon House, Clontarf

    The food choices in The Pigeon House include overnight oats with blood orange, grape, hazelnut, and maple syrup. There is Shakshuka (from the Middle East as it happens) which is basically a baked egg with yoghurt and veg. Creamed mushrooms on toast, Turkish eggs, and scrambled egg with Chorizo were other choices and then being brunch there were two burgers, beef or chicken, which both looked great. Again, I spotted a slight Middle Eastern vibe as the chicken burger had harissa paste, and the Turkish eggs obviously had an appropriate touch of the exotic in the form of tahini yoghurt, rose harissa feta, and mint.