Charcoal & Wood

Irish bbq charcoal

Benefits of using Maribu Charcoal

Carribean Maribu Charcoal is a clean burning long last fuel that can hold a gentle "low 'n' slow" heat for many many hours, or can burn very hot for searing and grilling. The wood of the maribu tree is very sustainable and no forests are cut down to make this charcoal. The price of maribu offers better value per use than cheaper charcoals and it burns longer and unused coals can be smothered and used again many times.

Benefits of Using our Wood Chunks, Chips, and Logs

We source clean, well seasoned, and sustainable wood from reputable wood merchants. All of our wood is food safe. Each wood is specially selected to give your BBQ food a beautiful taste and a great smoke ring.

How to light your BBQ

Do not light using light fluids or chemical firelighters. This charcoal lights relatively easily and a natural firelighter or a charcoal chimney starter will work well. You do not have to wait for all the charcoal to light - it is perfectly ok to light a small number of coals and allow the rest to catch light as you cook. Mix with wood chunks for extra flavour but always try to avoid heavy white or black smoke - it should be blue or almost invisible. Light white smoke is usually nothing to worry about.