Black Alder BBQ Wood Chunks for Smoking Meat
Black Alder BBQ Wood Chunks for Smoking Meat
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Black Alder BBQ Wood Chunks for Smoking Meat

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Most of us BBQers are used to reading about and buying traditional American woods such as pecan, hickory, and mesquite. They are commonly available in garden centres and online, so we wanted to introduce wood from BBQ cultures in other parts of the world. Try a new wood and find a new flavour.

Black Alder

Alder is very popular in Eastern Europe and is used for smoking pork, fish, chicken & wild fowl.

When smoking fish alder gives a very pleasant sweet flavour. Outside of Ireland it is the go to wood for smoking salmon (we tend to use oak). Alder has a delicate flavour and produces a neutral, balanced smoke.

If you use alder wood chunks for grilling meats such as steak, ribs and briskets, try mixing alder with our fruit wood species such as apple and cherry for a delightful flavour.

Check your Smoke Colour

You are looking for "clean" smoke when you BBQ. Clean smoke is thin and slightly blue. When your have clean smoke you are getting maximum flavour and sweetness from the wood.

If you get thick white smoke then you need to increase airflow or up the temp. Good smoking temperatures range from 120C/250F to 160C/320F. White smoke tastes acrid and is to be avoided. We recommend that you do not soak your wood chunks in water before smoking.

How To Use Wood Chunks

Use sparingly. On a Weber style kettle or offset smoker add a chunk or two directly to the charcoal (or some people place it under the charcoal for a slower burn). On a kamado or ceramic BBQ use a half size chunk as it will burn better in the slower airflow. You can add more chunks as you cook for longer smokes.

Sold in 2kg bags (usually overfilled for better value).