A Bit on the Side - Savoury Jellies
A Bit on the Side - Savoury Jellies
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A Bit on the Side - Savoury Jellies

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What does the word 'jelly' conjure up in your mind?  Kid's birthday parties? Sunday dessert? That ultra-sugary concoction laden with artificial ingredients?

Forget all that!

Instead, start to think of jelly all grown up, shaken up and served up with your favourite savoury dishes. Imagine jelly infused with alcohol, herbs and spices.  

We have taken jelly to a whole new level with our hand-made, all natural Gourmet Savoury Jellies.  Each one is a unique, novel combination of flavours that can be served as a condiment, glaze or salad dressing base.

These jellies are a total taste  transformation...titillating, tempting, tantalizing.

Whether you fancy a Hot, Tasty or Boozy Bit on the Side, our three lines of Savoury Jellies will satisfy all your wants, needs and desires.