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The Petromax cool box keeps drinks and food for BBQ cold for days at a time. Due to the double walled construction and a PU insulation ice remains frozen for up to 12 days. It is also the perfect solution for fishing, travelling, and camping.

Independent without Electricity

As soon as the sun comes out and it gets warmer, we are drawn to the outdoors. The passive cooling system by Petromax ensures that the supply of cold drinks does not run out and that fresh food does not spoil. The Cool Boxes kx25, kx50 and kx75 keep their content cool for days at a time without having to rely on electricity. The passive cooling system works with crushed ice, standard cold packs or dry ice.

Temperature remains reliably stable in the well-insulated Petromax Cool Box. Large ice cubes ensure an extra-long cooling time. The optimum cooling performance of the Cool Box is achieved when it is cooled down one day before the outdoor adventure. The Petromax Cool Box is the ideal companion for camping or for longer trips into nature – whether sailing trip, fishing trip or weekend in the woods.

Clever Designed, Efficiently Cooled

After an adventurous day nothing can be more refreshing than an ice-cold drink. For the drinks to stay cool for a long period time Petromax developed a double walled construction with void insulation, made from optimally chosen, durable materials. The Cool Box is made from durable polyethylene and extremely sturdy.

The skid-proof lid surface can serve as a seat or a raised stand. This is especially handy for fly fishing or for a vast panorama view across the countryside. Not only does the ice box look great but it is also practical. The Cool Box is visible in the dark and will thus not become a trip hazard when fishing at night.

Delivery Time

Please be aware that all cool boxes and accessories have a 2 - 3 week lead time from ordering and will most likely also delay the rest of your order. If you need the rest of your order faster than please place two separate orders.