Dry Rubs

Irish bbq dry rubs and spices

Flavour, Bark, & Colour

All of our rubs are designed to enhances the flavour without adding moisture. This allows a beautiful bark or crust to develop. Each rub is also developed to give your meat an appealing colour, after all people eat first with their eyes.

How to use our Dry Rubs

Before cooking rub the meat with salt and dry rub. Make sure all the meat is well coloured. Use more rub for more flavour. You can add a thin layer pf mustard or oil to help the rub stick if required. For vegetables and wings just sprinkle the rub liberally.

Dry rubs can also be used to spice up meals, as a burger spice, mixed with yoghurt for a dip, or mixed with oil or water as a marinade. 

 Most of our dry rubs have no salt - this allows you to add your own to taste.