Food Service & Catering

Food service is our heart and soul. We currently work with pubs, restaurants, cafes, and caterers to provide a range of cooking and condiment sauces and spice rubs that are made with real ingredients in a real kitchen.

Table Sauces

When you put a glass bottle of Great Northern Larder on the table it tells your customer that they can expect a meal that is a lot better than average. They know your seek out and find the best ingredients, they know you don't just talk the talk when it comes to supporting local producers, and they know they are in for a great feed.

Great Northern Larder "Tomato" sauce is zingy and herby with a strong flavour of fennel and basil. It really compliments eggs, salads, sweet potato fries, and of course the classic ketchup pairing of burgers or sausages. Because it has 70% fewer calories than Heinz or Blenders and is sweetened with honey it is a big hit with health-conscious diners.

Great Northern Larder "Brown" sauce is absolutely packed with really sweet and tangy Irish apples. It is a very special sauce that goes really well with cheese, eggs, most meat, and of course a full cooked breakfast. Our brown sauce is particularly popular with visitors from Europe - they really love it - so it will work especially well in restaurants and cafes popular with tourists.

Cooking Sauces and Spice Rubs

All of our sauces excel in the kitchen. Because every one of our sauces are made with fresh vegetables, apple cider vinegar, and no extra water they cook really well. Our "Chilli" sauce can be used where you would use fresh chillies, our "Scotch BBQ" sauce sets pork on fire and makes it into something very special, or our "Plum" sauce can be poured straight over chicken or duck wings for an unusual take on an absolute classic. Of course, our "Fury" extra hot chilli sauce can also go on wings for a classic taste on an absolute classic!

Cauliflower Wings in Scotch BBQ Sauce

Catering Sizes

We do all of our sauces in 1L or 5L jerry cans. We do all of our spice rubs in 1kg bags or 10L buckets. Contact us for online or phone orders.