Pop-Up Events

Our famous Cattleboat festival that we organise every year in Dundalk

We want to share our love of food with the world. We are learning all the time how to cook proper BBQ food and how to make delicious desserts. We also make a range of condiments. How best to show them off? Let's eat!

We will be running pop-up restaurants around Louth over the next few months. We will be mostly BBQing, but we might throw up the odd common or garden stovetop meal as well. We would love you to be there!

All of our events will be advertised on here and on Facebook and all are welcome. Gluten-free options will be available where possible, and we will occasionally have vegan alternatives.

We promise that all the food we serve will be grown locally (except for a few spices) and we will use only locally produced oils, salt, herbs, butter, and condiments. We will aim for no waste and at all times we will respect our ingredients.