Roots - Intense and Amazing Flavours for Vegetables
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Roots - Intense and Amazing Flavours for Vegetables

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Brings a huge amount of flavour and crunch to your baked or roast potatoes, sweet potato wedges, roast carrots and parsnips, beets, peppers, corn, onion, mushrooms, and much more. Also makes a great general seasoning for meat and fish.

Sprinkle generously on vegetables and toss in oil or butter. Roast in a hot oven or on your smoker or BBQ until crispy and ready to eat. Serve with a yoghurt dip or mayo.

Ground Rosemary, Onion Powder, Oak Smoked Paprika, Ginger Powder, Sea Salt, Cayenne Powder

Made with 100% Natural Herbs & Spices

May contain traces of mustard and celery.


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