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Outsourced Sauce Manufacturing Ireland

We can provide a full consultancy and outsourcing service for small and startup companies that want to create their own condiment or range of sauces.

Outsourced Sauce Production Ireland

Our Services

Product or Recipe Development

Work with us and we will help you to produce a recipe that has a long shelf life, is scalable, and that is cost efficient. Our primary aim for any recipe is to get the best taste possible, but of course taste is subjective so we work closely with you to make sure we get it the way you want it.


We can work with your graphic designer or brand developer or you can work with ours. Together you will create branding, marketing materials, packaging, and a full identify for your product or company. Or if you already have that then just work on the labels for your product.

Label Development

There is more to label design than the look and feel. We will help you to create fully legal labels that contain the full set of required items such as allergens, nutritional information, best before dates, batch numbers, legal names, ingredients lists, etc.


We can help you source jars, bottles, boxes, and everything else you need to get to market. We have contacts in lots of packaging companies and if you decide to use the same bottles as we use then you will get great savings. 


We have the perfect facilities for production from around 250kgs to 1000kgs.

Online Sales

With a little help from your designer we can get you online and selling on Shopify in about a day. That includes a fully secured website, domain name, email address, credit card facilities, PayPal, inventory management, and much more.

Costs & More Information

The cost really depends on how much work you need us to do so we will need to have a chat first. Call Ruairi on 0871409627 and let's take it from there.

Sample Work

Range of Sauces for Unglu-d

Recipe development, label design, and fulfilment.

Sauce Making Outsourcing Ireland

Hot BBQ Sauce for Pléasc

Recipe development, label design, and production.

Hot BBQ Sauce

Wing's Sauce for Richie's Recipes

Label development, label design, and production.

Richie's Recipes Wing Sauce, Outsourced Sauce Manufacturing Ireland

Bubba's Sweet Chilli Jammin

Recipe development, label technical development, production.

Jam Manufacturing Ireland