Slimming World - Sauces and Syns

If you are doing Slimming World you will need to know how many "Syns" are in each of our sauces. We calculated the syn values below by using 20 calories = 1 syn and then we double checked by using the other popular method of adding the carbs and fat and diving by 5.

Low syn tomato ketchup on a food counter

We calculated per serving of 17g (1 tbsp)

Sauce Syns Calories Buy Now
Brown Sauce 0.5 10 Add to Cart
Chilli Sauce 0.25 5 Add to Cart
Garlic Chilli Sauce 0.25 5 Add to Cart
Fury Chilli Sauce 0.25 5 Add to Cart
Plum Chilli Sauce 1 16 Add to Cart
Sweet Chilli Sauce 1.5 27 Add to Cart
Scotch BBQ Sauce 1.5 33 Add to Cart


All of our sauces are fat free and all of them except Tomato are vegan (Tomato has honey), and they are all gluten free. Being healthy doesn't have to be boring.