BBQ Fruit Wood Collection - Armagh Apple Chips
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BBQ Fruit Wood Collection - Armagh Apple Chips

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Wood chips are small pieces of seasoned hardwood. Wood chips can be used to add smoky flavour on a Weber style kettle grill, electric grill (you need a wood chip box), or in your barrel smoker. Start with a pile of hot charcoal and place a layer of wood chips over the top. The charcoal slowly burns the wood chips, producing a nice clean smoke. We advise you do not soak your wood chips in water. It makes no difference to the burn time and it upsets the heat in your BBQ.

All of our varieties lend a slight sweetness and subtle fruity flavor to meat. Cherry can even add a slightly rosy hue to whatever you're grilling. Because of the subtle flavour of fruitwood smoke, it’s perfect for mild meats like fish, poultry, and even pork.

Sold in 1.5kgs bags.