Ballymakenny Potatoes
Ballymakenny Potatoes
Ballymakenny Potatoes
Ballymakenny Potatoes
Ballymakenny Potatoes
Ballymakenny Potatoes
Ballymakenny Potatoes
Ballymakenny Potatoes
Ballymakenny Potatoes
Ballymakenny Farm

Ballymakenny Potatoes

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'Something has to change' - she said

'I'm not giving up growing potatoes' - he said

'Why?' - she said

'Because I love it' - he said

And so began the challenge... how do we change, but stay the same? How do we grow what we love to grow and still ensure future generations for our farm?

Some time later...

'There are thousands of varieties of potatoes' - she said

'Really?' - he said

'Yes, I did some research' - she said 'did you know potatoes were purple before they were white?'

'Let's grow heirloom purple potatoes!!!' - she said

He scratched his head...

One year later...

Our wonderful Violetta Potatoes have been on the best menus in the country, used in the best kitchens and worked with by the best chefs.

'This farm is more than land and crops; it's our family's passion and future!'


Violetta is a specialist heritage potato variety with an indigo blue skin and blue flesh. They have a delicate sweet flavour, a slightly fluffy flesh and work well in savoury dishes. To retain the colour, it’s best to keep the skin on.

Mayan Gold

Mayan Gold is from the indigenous Phureja potatoes of Peru. Mayan Gold have a rich golden colour and a moreish flavour. They have a fluffy flesh which results in excellent roasties, chips and jackets.

Mayan Twilight

Mayan Twilight is a Peruvian potato bred from the Mayan Gold variety. With a bold red and white parti-coloured skin and creamy, golden flesh they share similar qualities to their parent variety with a fluffy texture perfect for roasting or baking with a quicker cooking time than most. You can also try steaming these potatoes with skins on to retain their colour and pop them in a salad.

Mayan Rose

Mayan Rose is a cross between Mayan Twilight and Mayan Gold. A new Phureja variety, Peruvian potatoes which are known for a third less cooking time than standard potato varieties. It produces long oval red parti-coloured tubers with yellow flesh. It’s perfect for boiling, mashing and roasting.

Pink Fir Apple

A heritage variety, Pink Fir Apple fingerling potatoes are long, narrow and famously knobbly. The skin is part pink and part white with a firm flesh. They have a wonderful nutty, earthy flavour and are great boiled, steamed or in salads.

Red Emmalie

Red Emmalie is a truly stunning specialist potato with smooth, oval red skin, with matching deep red flesh with a paler ring just below the skin. The texture of Red Emmalie is relatively floury and the flavour is excellent.

Golden Wonder

Golden Wonder is very dry and floury making it ideal for baking and steaming.



Sold in 3kg bags. ROI/UK delivery available. Please be aware that we collect the potatoes from the farm weekly so you may be waiting up to 7 days for delivery. Your potatoes will however be very fresh.

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