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BBQ Masterclass - 22nd August, 2021

Welcome to our 1 day master class run as a collaboration between BBQ Life Ireland and Great Northern Larder. This is a full day of BBQ, to include discussion and practical demonstrations.


Learn About


  • Charcoal selection
  • Air and heat management
  • Smoking vs grilling
  • Techniques and methods
  • Rubs and sauces
  • Flavour matching
  • BBQ food safety and hygiene
  • Service


Cook & Taste


  • Skirt or flank steak
  • Spatchcock chicken
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Homemade sausages
  • Smash burgers
  • 3-2-1 ribs


as well as a selection of proper good quality side dishes. We will also make a variety of BBQ sauces over the hot coals.

We will do some baking as well, to include wheaten bread, brownies, pastries, and smores (including making the cookies on the BBQ).


What's Provided


Everything. You will cook your own food, you will make your own pitmaster tea or coffee, and you will be provided with all the meat, ingredients, charcoal, and wood you need. There is no formal sit down lunch or dinner - we will be grazing away all day.


The Numbers


Places available 9
Demonstrators 3
Date Aug 22nd, 2021
Start Time 9am
End Time 5pm
Location GNL HQ, Lordship

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