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Christmas Special Number Two

Exclusive to our mailing list and social media followers is this very special discounted and very limited offer. It's our way of saying thank you to or customers for making 2020 just a little better for us!


A 6 pack of our best selling sauces of 2020. These are the top sellers across our range this year. Garlic and Scotch are the easy winners if the truth be known, and to be fair Stout and Rum started late. However, there is no denying that you love the classics - Brown and Tomato along with good old Chilli and Fury,

Have them all for the Christmas table and get this feckin awful year finished on a high! We don't usually do discounts, and since we are completely sold out of all our spice rubs and running short on sauce we are not sure why we are now! Maybe we just want you to be happy!


Use as a ham glaze, on turkey sandwiches, and for marinating meat,


Use for dipping, brush on roast carrots and parsnip, stir fry with brussel sprouts, add to yoghurt for a creamy mild and tingly sauce.


Use like ketchup or mix a bottle with leftover turkey, ham, and veg with some pasta for a really fast lunch.


The star of every meal. Just pour it on everything!


Loves ham. We wouldn't have a ham sandwich without GNL Brown sauce.