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Drop Point Bush Craft Knife with Boxwood Handle

Solsona in Spain is famous for its knife industry, and Pallares founded in 1917 is one of the few remaining family businesses where each knife is sharpened by hand and where every employee is a craftworker.


This bush craft knife is made using carbon steel. This is a very strong material that can take and hold an extremely sharp edge, but it does take looking after. The handle is very expensive boxwood hardwood and should last a lifetime.

This knife features a visually pleasing drop point (a nice curve from the top of the blade to the tip of the blade) that gives the knife a lot of versatility for food preparation, wood work, chopping, hunting, and skinning.

Care Instructions

This knife is made of carbon steel, which unlike stainless steel is easy to hone to a razor sharp edge and will keep its edge much longer. However it needs looking after - it should not be left wet as it will rust. If it is not being used for a while a rub of oil will protect it. Over time a natural and beautiful patina will develop on the blade.

The handle is boxwood. Boxword is an expensive hardwood that has a beautiful natural cream colour. Over time and with exposure to light the handle will darken slightly.

Do not place in dishwasher.