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Ghost - The World's Hottest Chilli Sauce

Ghost – “An puca” - is our very much loved, all-natural, fermented hot sauce. We wanted to make the world’s hottest natural hot sauce – no extracts here. To help fill it with flavour we combined our super-hot Carolina Reaper and Ghost peppers with only Irish ingredients and gave what is necessary for all good things – TIME. Time to ferment, time for the flavours to mill together, time for the heat to really come out and also time to build our appreciation for this creation.

You will love this pocket-sized bottle of fermented hot sauce. It is intense, fruity, has a heat that builds and it all comes from fresh chillies and Irish apple cider vinegar. Suitable for all you vegan hotheads out there. Enjoy in your curries, on your burritos, on your BBQ feasts, on some cheese on toast or at breakfast time on your avocado or eggs.

The World's Hottest Hot Sauce

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