Hugh's Dry Aged Steak Box
Hugh's Dry Aged Steak Box
Hugh's Dry Aged Steak Box
Hugh Maguire Butchers

Hugh's Dry Aged Steak Box

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Hugh Maguire, The Smokin' Butcher, has a love and passion for really good food, and a unique talent for balancing old traditions with innovative and exciting trends.

Dry aged to perfection - meaning each steak was dried and aged for a minimum of 28 days. That's an extra 28 days to ensure this steak more tender, richer and has a beefier taste.

We believe Irish, grass-fed and dry aged steak is the "Absolute Steak!"

Each steak is hand selected and hand cut by Hugh.

4 Dry-Aged Steak Option

2x Dry Aged Ribeye steaks.
2x Dry-Aged Striploin steaks.

6 Dry-Aged Steak Option

3x Dry Aged Ribeye steaks.
3x Dry-Aged Striploin steaks.

Each steak is approx. 300 grams

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