Newgrange Gold Garlic and Mild Chilli
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Newgrange Gold Garlic and Mild Chilli

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Combining the natural oil from both chilli and garlic with our Newgrange Gold Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil, we have a versatile oil full of flavour with all the nutrition! Our chilli garlic oil is the perfect choice for those who like a hint of flavour, but not too much that it over powers their food.

Fantastic for stir-frying, marinating, garlic bread or for just dipping onto with some sour dough bread. This distinctive oil is an Irish Food Awards Silver medalist for 2013.

Newgrange Gold

Newgrange Gold was started in 2010 by John Rogers, Barrister and Farmer and now managed by his son, Jack Rogers. The business is run from the Rogers’ family farm that looks over the historic and beautiful Boyne Valley looking over the Boyne river at Crewbawn. John saw an opportunity in creating a brand that connected the rich and ancient soils of the Boyne valley and the high-quality food that is produced there.

Rapeseed Oil

Oil Seed Rape (Brassica Napus) is a plant from the Mustard family and originates from North America.

You will see fields of gold dotting the countryside in recent years transforming the landscape into an ever-expanding vibrant yellow patchwork each April and May.

The plant was introduced into Europe in the 1940’s as it had a higher yield than other oilseed crops.It is the third-largest source of vegetable oil in the world.

Rapeseed oil is High in Omega 3 and contains other essential fatty acids. It is also very high in vitamin E which acts as a natural anti-oxidant and prevents it from going rancid and gives it a high smoke point for cooking.

Newgrange Gold purchases its seed from local farmers in the Boyne Valley region.

The soil in the region is very good for producing a mild tasting rapeseed oil, while also providing it with a decent amount of Omega 3.