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ProQ FÒGHER Cabinet Smoker

Special order product - Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.

A unique collaboration between two BBQ Brands has resulted in the birth of these 2 amazing smokers that combine style and flawless engineering.

Both direct and reverse flow models are powered by charcoal for real, authentic, BBQ flavour.

This Italian made masterpiece is the perfect step towards getting professional results in a domestic setting and a beautiful addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Fully insulated design giving you rock steady temperatures and unbeatable efficiency

Stainless Steel cooking chamber with grills and waterpan to match

Built in slow burn charcoal basket to ensure fuel efficiency

Precise top and bottom airflow control allow you to fine tune your cooling temperature

Pre-installed BBQ Controller fan adapter (3/4” threaded) allows for easy installation

Gromlets for easy thermometer probe installation

Technical Specification

Dimensions: 1032(H) x 420(W) x 480(D), Grill Size: 380 x 320mm (x2), Weight: 65KG

Construction: Powder Coated Insulated Steel Body, Stainless Steel Cook Chamber, Drip Pan and Grills.

BBQ Capacity: Easily cater for up to 20 hungry people, you can cook 8 whole chickens or 56 sausages

What's in the Box

- ProQ FÒGHER Cabinet Smoker (Reverse or Direct Flow)

- 2 x Stainless Steel Cooking Grills

- 1 x Stainless Steel Water Pan

- 1 x Steel Slow Burn Charcoal Tray

- 1 x Ash Pan

- 4 x Static Feet

Delivery Times

Delivery can be expected in 2 - 3 weeks.