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Scotch - Award Winning BBQ Sauce

There is no smoke without fire and Scotch BBQ has a gentle tease of both. Velvet smooth Scotch whisky with a peaty nose is complimented by crisp fresh Scotch Bonnets and a dash of Colman's Mustard.

Scotch BBQ loves pulled pork, chicken, cauliflower wings, roast vegetables, and of course ribs.

This sauce is almost famous. In years to come the same 8 million people who saw U2 play in the Dandelion Market will be claiming to have used Scotch BBQ since just after it was launched. Will you be telling the truth?

"it’s [Great Northern Larder's] best-selling Scotch BBQ that really stands out. It contains apple cider vinegar, black treacle, Oriel smoked sea salt and smoked scotch whiskey and the smell and flavour is sweet and sharp with a delicious, deep intensity."

Gastro Gays

Sticky sweet barbecue sauce with cauliflower wings

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