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South African Black Wattle Charcoal - 10kg

Our black wattle restaurant grade charcoal is made from the very best premium restaurant-grade pieces of charcoal, perfect for restaurants or very long BBQ’s. This mixture of charcoal burns for an extended time giving a longer-lasting flame which burns hotter and is very efficient.

Charcoals come in a mixture of grades, the best being restaurant-grade followed by catering grade then BBQ grade being the lowest quality. The higher-grade charcoals have a lower water content so spit less, produce less smoke, and come in bigger pieces which results in a more consistent temperature. Unless you are having a very short BBQ it is usually more cost-efficient to buy the higher grade charcoal as it burns longer so you get more out of each piece.

This particular charcoal comes from the Wattle Eucalyptus tree in South Africa from a well managed sustainable forest.

One of The Best Charcoals in the World
Burns Hotter & Longer
No Chemical Taste
Less Spitting
Bigger Pieces / Better Efficiency
More Consistent Temperature
Better For Smoking Foods
Product of South Africa
Produced from Watte Eucalyptus Trees from a Well Managed Sustainable Forest.
Bag 10kgs