Caribbean Marabu Charcoal - Low Smoke & Long Burn Time
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Caribbean Marabu Charcoal - Low Smoke & Long Burn Time

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Marabu is our world leading restaurant-grade charcoal. Its high-density gives you a consistent, strong heat, with low smoke and a long burn time. It’s a pure, additive free charcoal with no added chemicals or paraffin.

Marabu is an invasive plant that has taken over former sugar fields in the Caribbean. It’s so tough that it can’t be cut with a machete and has taken over broad swaths of farmland. But when burned, it produces one of the best artisanal charcoals in the world, often used in pizza and bread ovens. By making charcoal and exporting it Caribbean farmers are now managing to make a small income and manage their land better. Marabu charcoal is very dense, has high heat, and a long burn time. It is far superior than native hardwoods and it contains no chemicals.

Caribbean Marabu has a long burn time and a subtle flavour. Combine it with our wood chunks or chips for extra smoky flavours. Suitable for use in all BBQs.

Also known as Sicklebush and used in South African Braii.

Please note that this charcoal is very dense and burns very well. This means that a 15kg bag of Maribu lasts a lot longer than an equivalent bag of regular charcoal.