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Twisted Firestarter Bundle

Please read the last 2 sentences carefully before ordering....

A little bit of everything fire related for you to try...


1 x 15kg Marabu
1 x 15kg Globaltic Birch Charcoal
1 x 10kgs Beech and Hornbeam Charcoal
1 x 10kgs Quebracho Charcoal
1 x 10kgs South African Charcoal
1 x 1.5kgs Beech Wood Smoking Chunks
1 x 1.5kgs Silver Birch Wood Smoking Chunks
1 x 1.5kgs Olive Wood Smoking Chunks
1 x 1.5kgs Alder Wood Smoking Chunks
1 x 2kgs Big K Woodies (Natural Firelighter)

Please note this bundle will be sent on a pallet so make sure you have room for a lorry to unload a pallet (you don't need a forklift).