Yellow Catuaí - Single Origin Brazilian Coffee
Yellow Catuaí - Single Origin Brazilian Coffee

Yellow Catuaí - Single Origin Brazilian Coffee

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Alto Alegra Brazillian Coffee

We are proud to be able to bring this speciality single-origin Brazilian coffee to you with help from our good friends in Koffy. Our aim is to provide the world's best coffee beans, roasted by experts, but without any of the hipster bullshit. All the coffee we sell is award-winning, roasted by two guys with a combined 40 years experience, and brought to you as fresh as possible.

Flavour and Aroma

William and Tony in Koffy dark roast this bean for a medium body with a sweet flavour profile that reminds us of walnut and milk chocolate. The aromas in the van every time we collect a new roast of this coffee are fantastic. If Willy Wonka had a delivery van it would smell like ours!

The Coffee Farm

Alto Alegre Coffees is managed by a family of traditional coffee growers who have cultivated the fertile soil of South Minas Gerais since 1880. Today a 5th generation continues this passion for the coffee business.

Alto Alegre Estate is located at The High Frontier Mogiana – South Minas which is Brazil’s most traditional area for coffee growing at a high altitude. The coffee produced in the region has achieved international recognition for its high quality and outstanding characteristics such as body, acidity, fruity aroma and softness.

The Environment

Sustainability of production is a central concern of Alto Alegre: plateau terracing, use of natural windbreakers, disposal of solid and liquid residue as well as providing high-quality housing for the families that live and work on the farms is a priority.

Coffee Farm in Brazil


Yellow Catuai is grown at the optimal altitude of over 1300 metres and the beans are Catuaí Arabica. This coffee has been UK Cup Tasters champion in 2017 and 2018 and took 3rd place in the World Cup Tasters Championship.

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